Vacuum Induction Controlled Atmosphere Melting

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The thermal processing, most specifically melting, of many metals and materials is best done in a vacuum or controlled atmosphere system.

The creation and casting of super alloys and many other advanced and reactive metals requires sophisticated vacuum induction or controlled atmosphere melting and remelting systems.

Many high quality specialty metals and materials are produced and refined using today’s most advanced vacuum induction and controlled atmosphere melting systems.

Induction Vacuum melting and controlled atmosphere systems are used for the world’s most demanding casting applications. Inductotherm builds most of the world’s zoned induction heating coils and multiple output power supplies used in the manufacturing of ultra-high-temperature advanced materials such as carbon carbon.

The Inductotherm Group is the world’s leading induction furnace manufacturer of these highly advanced systems, with its installations accounting for more than half of the vacuum furnaces around the globe.