Induction Forge Heating

Heat Treating

Inductotherm Group Australia offers induction forge heating equipment used for heating a wide range of bar and billet diameters. Built to thrive in aggressive forging environments, the power supply in the InductoForge™ power supply is the latest generation of an industrially proven system. The existing reliable technology is enhanced to provide unique features specifically benefiting the forging industry.

Innovative Technology For Exceptional Induction Heating Forge Performance

Advances in our induction forge heating technology includes new Inductoforge™ billet heating system that uses a standardized modular design, which provides flexibility in power supplies, mechanical fixtures, controls and operation. Available for the Inductoforge billet heating system is the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program. The iHaz™ software package is a predictive numerical simulation technology that accurately forecasts the temperature throughout the cross section of the bar/billet, from the surface to the core.