Iron Induction Melting

Iron Induction Melting

Iron is the most used of all the metals, comprising 95% of all the metal tonnage produced worldwide. Its combination of low cost and high strength makes it indispensable in almost every industry.

The leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the world’s largest producer of ductile iron pipe and the best known builder of cast iron bathtubs are just a few examples of the worldwide industry leading companies who rely on iron induction melting furnaces, induction holding furnaces, pouring or induction heating systems built by Inductotherm.

Offering iron induction melting furnaces with capacities ranging from less than one kilogram to 150 metric tonnes and induction power supplies as large as 42,000 kW, Inductotherm manufactures induction furnaces designed for virtually every iron melting, holding, pouring and induction heating operation.

Inductotherm Iron Induction melting furnaces are fast, reliable and most efficient. Inductotherm furnaces are the fastest in the industry and will melt a 2000 kg batch of iron to 1480 degrees C in only 58 minutes with only 1000 kWs and use only 491 kWHrs/tonne + 5%.  Note: kWHrs are measured prior to the power cabinet circuit breaker.