Induction Silicon Melting

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Inductotherm Induction furnace equipment can be used to melt silicon for a variety of applications. Silicon is used to create most semiconductors which are important in electronic technology.

Semiconductors are important in electronic components made of semiconductor materials and are essential in modern consumer electronics, including computers, mobile phones and digital audio players.

Inductotherm offers induction silicon melting to reduce the cost of solar-grade silicon. Induction induction furnaces can significantly increase the volume of production. The earlier generation of furnaces and silicon processing techniques, designed for small volume semiconductor devices, cannot satisfy the growing demand.

Induction furnaces can deliver heat directly or indirectly into a mass of liquid silicon metal with controlled stirring of the liquid metal, allowing faster silicon production on a much larger scale. This makes induction furnaces a preferred choice for the next generation of thermal equipment for solar-grade silicon production.