High Temperature Graphite Heating

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In graphite heating, maintaining the desired temperature profile within the susceptor is absolutely critical in order to achieve maximum productivity.

Precise power input to each zone of the susceptor is achieved by varying either or both the overall power level and the amount of time power is switched to a particular zone of the coil during each power distribution cycle of the system.

When matched with Inductotherm’s VIP® Multi-Switch™ Power Supply System, coils can be designed for precise zoned temperature control.

We build most of the world’s zoned induction heating coils used in the manufacturing of ultra high temperature advanced materials such as carbon carbon.

Our Multi-Switch® induction power supplies and zoned coils have revolutionized the manufacturing of ultra-high temperature carbon materials, such as aircraft brake disks. The Multi-Switch® system allows these manufacturers to fully control the temperatures at all levels of the hot zones in which the processing takes place.